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VIRRJA Meeting Minutes

VIRRJA meets every two months, to share, guide and report with our members and associates.  We plan, when possible, to host on the second Tuesday of the month. 

April 2022     Click here for the link to Minutes and Recording. 

June 2022.   Click here for Minutes

Sept 2022   Click here for Minutes   Click here for presentation notes. 

October 2022   Annual General Meeting  Click here for minutes 

November 2022  hosted our Conference : "Shifting: from Challenge to Opportunity


 April 2023 - VIRRJA General Meeting Minutes and President's Report 


June 2023 -  VIRRJA General Meeting and Presentation:  Restorative Service in the Department  of National Defence.   Minutes 

Sept 2023 - VIRRJA General Meeting : Revised Strategic Plan and Member Q and A     Minutes

Oct 2023 - Annual General Meeting  Annual Report, Election and Presentation from North shore on Youth programming and learnings.   Minutes     Recording


Dec 2023 - General Meeting and Presentation: "Federal Crown Alternatives to Prosecution" with Gillian Angrove and Chantelle Coulson.  Members exchange.  Minutes


Feb 2024 - General Meeting with introduction to the training session on "Trust Truth Relationships" with Molly Willie (Indigenous justice Alert Bay)  Minutes 


April  2024 - General Meeting guest is John Laboissiere (Region Crown Counsel) to outline relationship with Crown for RJ referrals ( MOU).   Minutes 


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