VIRRJA Meeting Minutes

VIRRJA meets every two months, to share, guide and report with our members and associates.  We plan, when possible, to host on the second Monday of the month. 

GENERAL MEETING ~ FEB 22, 2021 ~ Guest presenter was Sophia Zwitkowski, Restorative Action Program Coordinator with Fraser Region Community  Justice Initiatives presented on fostering safe and relational school environments. Click here for meeting minutes. 

GENERAL MEETING ~ April 19, 2021 ~ Guest presenter was Nancy Denham, Trainer and Mentor for Restorative Justice Program of the Sunshine Coast, led us through the process and purpose of hosting a Community Dialogue.  Click here for meeting minutes.  

GENERAL MEETING - June 2021, with 28 attendees from 13 programs, ED from RJABC and E Div RCMP coordinator and Founder of Peace of the Circle.  Dr Moussa Magassa, Human Rights Education from UVIC lead us through an instructional and informative presentation on "Embedding anti-racism in restorative practices".

Click here for the June VIRRJA minutes

GENERAL MEETING - August 2021 with 22 members attending.  Our guest presenters were Mabel Peter, Native Court Worker in Duncan and Leah Fontaine, Crown Counsel, Duncan.  TOPIC:  Healing Circle/Healing Plan Practices of First Nations Court  

Click here for Minutes: 

The VIRRJA AGM for 2021 was held October 19, 2021.  22 members from 15 programs joined the meeting and following the business portion, Mitch Walker, Director of of Gladue Service outlined his program within the First Nations Justice Council. 
Click here for AGM 2021 Minutes