VIRRJA Meeting Minutes

VIRRJA meets every two months, to share, guide and report with our members and associates.  We plan, when possible, to host on the second Monday of the month. 

GENERAL MEETING - August 2021 with 22 members attending.  Our guest presenters were Mabel Peter, Native Court Worker in Duncan and Leah Fontaine, Crown Counsel, Duncan.  TOPIC:  Healing Circle/Healing Plan Practices of First Nations Court              Click here for Minutes: 

The VIRRJA 2021 AGM  was held October 19, 2021.  22 members from 15

programs joined the meeting and following the business portion, Mitch Walker, Director of of Gladue Service outlined his program within the First Nations Justice Council.        Click here for AGM 2021 Minutes   

GENERAL MEETING - April 11, 2022.  Senator Kim Pate spoke to 24 members about the work she passionately pursues in Ottawa.  Her topic "Restore to What? The challenges for restorative and other criminal legal system programs inspired many to explore ways to support the underserved in our communities.   Click here for the link to Minutes and Recording. 

GENERAL MEETING was held June 13, 2022 and the members discussed a proposal to develop a campaign to improve the legal system and update the activities and efforts taking place in each of our programs.   Click here for Minutes