Board of Directors

President: Richard Tarnoff (Community Circle Restorative Justice Society)
Vice President: (Interim)  Deanna Wrate (Community Circle Restorative Justice Society)
Secretary:   Sue Saunders (Saanich Peninsula Restorative Justice)
Treasurer:  Gail Jewsbury (Independent RJ Practitioner)
Director at Large: Siobhan Brown (qathet Community Justice)
Director at Large: Jan Smalley (Restorative Justice Program of the Sunshine Coast)

Strategic Plan 2021-2025

The Strategic Planning committee was tasked by the Board to develop  VIRRJA's  5 year strategic plan.  The current Strategic Plan provides direction and focus for the program in each of the following six categories:

Education ~ Communication ~ By Laws ~ Indigenous Values and Diverse Communities ~ Meetings ~ Membership 

Click here for a copy of the VIRRJA Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025