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Start a New RJ Program

RJ Programs can be individual programs, affiliated with existing non-profit programs / societies or as a separate registered society.  There are many options and each community benefits from their own opportunities and situation.  

Option: Register as a Non-Profit or Charity

Apply for Name approval and Non-profit Society status

  1. Name:  An application for name approval and society status can be found at BC Registries make sure the name hasn’t been used already and that it is appropriate for use. 

  2.  Included in this application you will need to provide:

    1. 3 directors minimum (could be the committee above for the first year)

    2. a constitution outlining the purposes for creating the society

    3. bylaws – which can be modelled on the template provided by the Societies Act

Women Holding Hands

Start a New RJ Program

The Basics – the starting point

Determine Need

  1. talk to referral agents (local police, schools, etc) for support

  2. talk to community (groups, associations, etc) as you will draw your volunteers from the community

  3. Reach out to other VIRRJA/RJ programs for guidance.  Many will have documents, manuals, and advice they will be willing to share.  Gather as much information as you can and keep what works for your program. 

  4. Gather volunteers from your community, build connections and start your own non-profit program.  


References to help get started: 


Charitable Status:

To issue tax receipts, a society will need to apply to the Canada Revenue Agency for charitable status.  This is a separate application.   While lay people can do it, it is one of those areas where you would be advised to get legal advice to save yourself headaches down the road.  It could take a year from the date of the application to be approved. 



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